Many DVDs are encrypted with the copy protection system CSS (Content Scrambling System). Under the new and recently enforced US Digital Millenium Copyright Act and the European Copyright Directive, it is no longer permitted to create backup copies of commercial DVDs for private use in certain countries. As a result, Yelsi is now therefore legally obliged to remove the program mcldecrypt.exe from the new version of its software, in order to make it compliant under this new legislation. For clarification, we draw your attention to the fact that the installation or use of the program mcldecrypt.exe (which may be installed on your PC from previous versions of Yelsi software to enable such functionality) is in many countries an infringement against copyright law.


If you are subject to the laws of a country where it is allowed to make backup copies of a commercial DVD for private use you might find the mcldecrypt.exe on the internet as we are not able to host this file on the Yelsi website. Please note that you are not allowed to use such link, when your are subject to a country where it is prohibited to make backup copies as described above.


Respect copyright!

This software is not to be used for unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials. Please note that local law or end-user-agreements may prohibit copying the content. If in doubt, please check with the copyright owner of the original to make sure that copying is allowed. Violations of copyright or other intellectual property rights are liable to claims for damages and criminal prosecution.